Aug 172012


I successfully downloaded Bigasoft Total Video Converter for Mac, YouTube Download for Mac, iTunes Video Converter for Mac, WMV Converter for Mac, iPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac, DVD Ripper for Mac, iMovie Converter for Mac, but the application just cann’t be installed on Mountain Lion.

How to fix?

As the time of this post was written, Bigasoft Converter, Ripper, Downloader, Maker still had problem of be installed on Mountain Lion. But according to the developer, by doing some tricks, Bigasoft application can be opened and installed on Mountain Lion

Take install Bigasoft Total Video Converter for example. When you’ve download the set up file “b-total-video-converter-mac.dmg”, double click “b-total-video-converter-mac.dmg”. A window will pop up where you will find Bigasoft Total Video Converter.pkg. Hold down Ctrl key and click the mouse to open the context menu and choose “Open” to start install Bigasoft Total Video Converter.

Edit:On August 29, 2012, Bigasoft YouTube Downloader for Mac, Bigasoft YouTube Downloader Pro for Mac were updated to support Mountain Lion. There is no need to follow the above steps to get the downloader to install on Mountain Lion


Free download the latest Bigasoft Total Video Converter for Mountain Lion 27.41M

Download the latest Bigasoft YouTube Downloader for Mac Mountain Lion 17.17 MB

Download the latest Bigasoft WebM Converter for Mountian Lion 27.47 MB

Download the latest Bigasoft FLAC Converter for Mountain Lion 27.03 MB

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