Sep 072012

Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2012 ( 30% Off

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Product Description

Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2012 Kingsoft published Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2012 on 01 Nov. This software utilizes more than two decades of award winning global experience to bring you a highly developed user-friendly office suite. It is divided into three programs: Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012, Kingsoft Spreadsheets Professional 2012, and Kingsoft Presentation Professional 2012. It can create, open, view, edit and save any document produced using Microsoft Office, whilst Microsoft Office can open all Kingsoft files even without Kingsoft Office being installed on that computer. This Professional version will cost you a mere $69.95, allowing you to possess an alternative to Microsoft Office at a much lower price.

Furthermore, Kingsoft Office has a multitude of features to match your daily requirements. The installation package of Professional 2012 requires just 68.3MB to download, allowing you to easily install and uninstall the software. Secondly, it offers a built-in spell checker to help you to check the documents. Thirdly, the built-in PDF converter allows you to convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files into PDF formats. Lastly, offers a large number of templates in Presentation Professional 2012 that help you to easily and efficiently create slides directly by using these templates.

In addition, Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2012 added several new functions. There is a new interface similar to the Microsoft 2007 and 2010 layout, to provide more features and more space. There is also an online update function to help you to download the newest versions, when they are released. Moreover, it now includes a VBN, a macro function to allow you to execute some specific database instructions.


Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2012 101 MB

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