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How to Change File/Folder/Image/JPG Date & Time on Windows 8/10?

This article introduces a powerful File Date Changer for Windows 8 which can help to change date and time of files, folders, JPG images, pictures, camera photos and a step-by-step guide on how to change file, folder, image date and time on Windows 8.

Introduce File Date Changer for Windows 8/10

FileTweak is a powerful file date changer for windows 8 to help change file attributes. FileTweak enables you to change date and time of files, folders and photos, images, picutures in the formats of png, jpg, gif, etc on Windows 8.

Key features

Step-by-Step Guide to Change File/folder/Image/JPG Date & Time on Windows 8

Prepare: Free download FileTweak for Windows 8 and Windows 10

Free download FileTweak for Windows 8/10

Step 1: Run and install Filetweak

When downloading is finished, run and install Filetweak. After the program is installed, Filetweak will integrate to file properties.

Step 2: Change date and time of file folder image on Windows 10 or Windows 8
  1. Navigate to the file or folder or image, camera photos or JPG picture you want to change the display date.
  2. Right-click on the file or folder.
  3. Select “Properties” from the context menu.
  4. Then you can change file date or JPG date or attributes in the “Properties” window

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