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How to Solve iPhone 4S Battery Drain Probelm Updating to iOS 7

Easy Solution to Stop iPhone 4S Battery Drain Problem Upgrading to iOS 7

The Issue: After Updating to iOS 7, Battery Drain in iPhone 4S iOS 7

Since the announce of iOS 7, many Apple fans are excited to install the world’s most advanced mobile OS in its most advanced form. However, after updating to iOS 7 beta, iPhone 4S users are sufering from battery drain probelm. They were either losing a percentage every three or so minutes, or their battery only lasted half as long as it did before the update.

Reason: Why iPhone 4S iOS 7 Battery Drain

The battery drain problem occurred when updating to iOS 6. And now the same issue happened when iPhone 4S updating to iOS 7. No battery drain issue occurred if there is no iOS updating. We can come to the conlusion that the battery drain problem is nothing to do with hardware at all. The issue is actually affected by the way you install the iOS 7 beta.

How to: Easy Fix iPhone 4S iOS 7 Battery Drain Problem

In short, you can fix the battery drain on iOS 7 by performing a clean installation. If you are experiencing the Battery Drain issue with iPhone 4S updating to iOS 7, you can follow the steps here to fix it. This fix should also work with the iPhone 5, 4S and iPhone 4, iPad 3, iPad 4 running iOS 7 or iOS 6 as well.

  1. Make a backup of everything of your iPhone 4S or other Apple devices to avoid data loss.
  2. Do a clean installation of iOS in DFU mode: keep the Sleep/Wake buttons held down and the Home button. Wait until you see the Apple logo and then keep the Home button pressed down and iTunes will tell you that you are in recovery mode.
  3. Then install a new copy of iOS 6 and follow to install iOS 7 beta.


Are you experiencing battery life problems with iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 updating to iOS 7 or iOS 7 beta? Are you experiencing iPhone 4S lasting just a few hours and goes hot after upgrading to iOS 7? Now you know to fix battery drain issue, you shall make sure the installation of iOS 7 is a clean one (install iOS 7 in DFU mode). Good luck.

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