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Windows 11/10 Movie Maker Replacement to Turn Your Videos&Photos into Movies.

Though Windows 10 is rated as the best Windows yet for its new Start menu, Edge browser, apps and Cortana, it still disappointed lots of people for its disappearing features like Windows Media Center, DVD Playback, Windows Essentials (Which includes Photo Gallery, OneDrive and Movie Make).

You are probably quite disappointing because Movie Maker is no longer supported for Windows 11/10? Even Microsoft still allows you to download Movie Maker, you have to download and install the whole Windows Essentials 2012 which contains Windows Movie Maker 12. And you will be bothered by errors like:

Anyway, if you no longer want to use Movie Maker on Windows 10, you can choose a professional Windows 10 Movies Maker replacement. This article introduces an effective Movie 10 Maker replacement, Wondershare Filmora, which helps you turn your videos and photos into movies.

Introduces the Effective Movie Maker Windows 11/10 Replacement – Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is smart, professional Live Movie Maker Windows 10 replacement, alternative, similar software that allows you to turn your home video and photos into something extraordinary with minimal effort.

Key Features:

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