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Foobar for Mac: Best macOS Audio/Music Player(Mojave/Sierra/El Capitan Included)


Foobar2000 is a freeware audio player for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. It supports a large number of audio file formats including MP3, MP4, AAC, CD Audio, WMA, Vorbis, Opus, FLAC, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, Musepack, Speex, AU, SND and more with additional components. With it, you can custimize user-interface, organise metadata, files, and folders. In addition, foobar2000 supports for ripping Audio CDs as well as transcoding all supported audio formats using the converter component.

If you just switched to Mac from Windows system, you may also want to run Foobar2000 on your Mac to take care of music playing on Mac, but only disappointed to find that there is actually no Foobar2000 for Mac. In fact, you are only one of those who search for Foobar2000 for Mac or at least a Foobar similar for Mac, or Foobar replacement for Mac or Foobar alterntaive for Mac. TechiSky will introduce several Foobar for Mac alternatives and their shortcomings in the following.

Free Foobar for Mac Sierra/El Capitan/Yosemite/Mavericks Alternatives

Commercial Foobar for Mac El Capitan/Yosemite/Mavericks Alternatives

TechiSky’s Favor: iTunes is the best free Foobar for Mac (macOS Mojave, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks included)

TechiSky has tried many music players for Mac till he wrote this article and found there is always something missing in the players. Some free audio players crash on Mountain Lion and do not support OS X 10.9 Mavericks or OS X Yosemite 10.10, El Capitan 10.11, macOS 10.12 Sierra or Mojave. The price of commercial audio players for OS X is so high but do not work as expected. So after trying so many OS X audio players, TechiSky found iTunes is still TechiSky’s favor. iTunes may be crap on Windows but is really great on Mac. It’s true iTunes can only play Apple friendly audio formats like MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless ALAC, AIFF, but we can free convert FLAC, APE, CAF, etc to iTunes supported audio. Considering other audio players may mass your music, costs higher than their price lists, unbearable crashes, etc., it’s deserve to convert to use iTunes to manage your music library, especially you have a large music library.

Software to use for convert audio to iTunes supported formats on Mac OS X (Mojave/Sierra/El Capitan/Yosemite/Mavericks/Mountain Lion included)

To convert CD Audio, WMA, Vorbis, Opus, FLAC, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, Musepack, Speex, AU, SND, APE, CAF, etc to iTunes supported MP3, AAC, M4A, AIFF and Apple Lossless ALAC, you can hire the free OS X audio converter MAX or X Lossless Decoder. You can also use professional audio converter like Xilisoft Audio Converter Pro to convert your audio files to iTunes supported formats. Visit TechiSky’s article dBpoweramp for Mac to learn more about best free and professional audio converter for Mac (Mojave/Sierra/El Capitan/Yosemite/Mavericks/Mountain Lion included).

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