How to Play MP4 on Xbox 360?

Easy Solution to Successfully Play MP4 on Xbox 360

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Microsoft Xbox 360 is great not only for playing games but also for playing movies. The Xbox 360 console supports movies in most formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, H.264, MOV, M4V. However, though MP4 is claimed to be supported by Xbox 360, due to various codec issue, some MP4 video files will not play on Xbox 360.

Why fail to play MP4 on Xbox 360 and the solution to successfully play MP4 on Xbox 360

Xbox 360 can play MP4 video files with extension of .mp4 or .mov with video codec of MPEG-4 AVC H.264 and MPEG-4.

As MPEG-4 AVC H.264 codec, support is limited to the following specifications:

  • AVC Profile: Baseline, Main and High Profiles;
  • AVC Level: up to 4.1;
  • Video bit rate: 10 Mbps with resolutions of 1920 × 1080 at 30 fps;
  • Audio profiles: AAC, 2-channel, Low Complexity.

As MPEG-4 codec, support is limited to the following specifications:

  • Video profiles: MPEG-4 Part 2 (Simple Profile and Advanced Simple Profile);
  • Video bit rate: 5 Mbps with resolutions of 1280 × 720 at 30 fps;
  • Audio profiles: AAC, 2-channel, Low Complexity


Some MP4 files downloaded from internet or ripped from DVD/Blu Ray disc by certain DVD Ripping software uses AAC with 6-channel (5.1 sorround sound). When trying to add such MP4 to Xbox 360, system will says “No videos found”. Even the MP4 files can be transfered to Xbox 360, When playing on Xbox 360, you only get video with no audio. Such MP4 files with 6-channel audio will need to convert to MP4 or MOV with AAC stereo (2-channel) or convert to WMV with stereo or 5.1 sorround sound if you care about the audio quality.

Some MP4 files cannot be played on MP4 due to codec issue. For example, if the MP4 uses MPEG-4 ASP format,it will be difficulity to transferr such MP4 files to Xbox 360. You may try to change the extension name from .mp4 to .wmv but we cannot ensure this action can solve the MP4 playback problem. The recommend solution is still to convert your MP4 files to WMV or MP4 which can help you fast and easily transfer MP4 files to Xbox 360 for successful play.

Step-by-Step Guide: Convert MP4 to MP4, WMV, HD WMV with 5.1 channel or stereo for Xbox 360

Program Needed: Aiseesoft Total Video Converter

Aiseesoft Toal Video Converter, working as a powerful MP4 to Xbox 360 converter, can fast and batch convert MP4, H.264 MP4, H.264 HD MP4, MP4 with AAC 6 channel or 5.1 surround sound to Xbox supported MP4 AAC stereo (MP4 AAC 2-channel), WMV, WMV HD, WMV with WMA 5.1 channel and AVI. In additon to convert MP4 to Xbox format, it can also convert between various video formats and audio formats in AVI, WMV, MKV, MTS, MP4, MOV, FLV, YouTube, 3GP, WebM, F4V, OGM, OGV, OGG, MP3, M4A, FLAC, APE, AIFF, AAC, etc.

Aiseesoft Total Video Converter is powered with advanced features, with it you can adjust video effects like video cut, trim, crop, merge, clip and so on to meet all your different needs.

MP4 to Xbox Converter

Step 1: After the download is finished. Run, install and launch the program.

Step 2: Add files to MP4 to Xbox 360 Converter

Click “Add Video” button to add MP4 files to Xbox 360. Or you can simply drag and drop your MP4 files to program interface.

Convert MP4 to Xbox 360

Step 3: Set output formats

Click “Profile” Drop-down. At the end of the Profile category, you will see “Xbox HD Video” section. Choose desired video format from the list.

Take converting MP4 to Xbox 360 supported MP4 format for example. From the Xbox 360 section, choose “Xbox 360 MPEG4 Video (*.mp4)” or “Xbox360 H.264 Video (*.mp4)”. If your source files are MP4 HD, to play high definition 1080p/720p video on Xbox 360, you can choose “Xbox 360 HD MPEG4 Video (*.mp4)” or “Xbox H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)”.

H.264 MP4 will give much smaller size than general MP4 given the video quality is the as the same. You can also convert MP4 to “Xbox 360 WMV (*.wmv)” or “Xbox 360 WMV HD Video (*.wmv)”.

Optimized Video for Xbox 360

To convert MP4 6-channel to MP4 5.1, click “Setting” to open “Advanced Setting” window.
Click “Advanced” tab. You will see three sections including “Video”, “Audio” and “Expert”. In the “Audio” section, click “Channels” drop-down and choose “5.1”.

Convert MP4 to Xbox 360 WMV 6 Channels

Step 4: Convert MP4 to Xbox 360

Click “Convert” button to finish converting MP4 to Xbox 360 compatible WMV, MP4, MOV or AVI format.

Before converting, you can set which folder you want the converted files to put in. Click “Browse” to set desired destination folder. When conversion is done, click “Open Folder” to locate the converted MP4 files and drag to your video folder.


Playing MP4 on Xbox 360 now becomes so easy and saves a lot your time. Now you can watch MP4 and any other kinds of video files with almost no quality loss on your Xbox 360. Wait now more; just free download the professional MP4 to Xbox 360 Converter right now and start enjoy unlimited movies on Xbox 360.

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