May 032013

.OMA or .OMG file is music file saved in Sony’s ATRAC3 or Atrac3plus or ATRAC Advanced Lossless (AAL) format by OpenMG Audio; Some OMA files may contain DRM copy protection to prevent the file from being played on unauthorized computers or devices.

The OpenMG’s compliant software, Sony SonicStage (similar to iTunes, Windows Media Player and RealPlayer), is commonly used by Walkman users for managing the library of ATRAC OMG/OMA and MP3 recordings on a Windows PC and is capable of transcoding MP3, CD WAV files to OpenMG/ATRAC3.

If you ripped CD to .oma, omg or atrac lossless format (.oma) in the earlier year, you will need to reconvert them to the popular audio format MP3 as OMA is not compatible with many media palyers and portalbe devices such as iTunes, Realplayer, WLMP (Windows Live Media Player) iPod, iPad, iPhone, Samsung. Even the Sony’s PS3 will not support OMA file.

This article introduces a step-by-step guide on how to convert OMA, DRM OMA (Protected OMA), OMG, AAL (atrac lossless) to MP3 to Play OMA on Mac, Windows PC, iPod, Samsung, iPad, iPhone, etc.

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