Jul 312013

Windows Media Center won’t Play Blu Ray Solutions: How to Play Blu-Ray in WMC on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Windows Media Center, with short form of WMC, is a digital video recorder and media player developed by Microsoft. Windows Media Center allows users to view and record live television, as well as organize and play music, videos, CDs and DVDs. WMC is included in various versions of Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate, and all editions of Windows 7 except for Starter and Home Basic. It is also available for Windows 10, Windows 8 Pro as an add-on.

Windows Media Center is very powerful application except it cannot play Blu-Ray disc movies or Blu-Ray folder or Blu-Ray ISO. When you have problems of playing DVDs in Windows Media Center, check if your DVD is Blu-Ray disc or contains Blu-Ray movies.

How can we play Blu-Ray movies on computer if Windows Media Center won’t play Blu-Ray disc movies? This article introduces two solutions to play Blu-Ray in Windows Media Center. Method one is to convert Blu-Ray movies to HD WMV to play Blu-Ray with Windows Media Center. Method two is to hire a thrid party Blu-Ray player to play Blu Ray disc on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

Method one, converting Blu-Ray movies to HD WMV enables you to play, backup Blu Ray disc on computer. Method two enables you to play Blu Ray videos with Blu Ray quality on computer without conversion, however, this method requires an external Blu-Ray drive in order to play on Computer.

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Jul 292013

This article introduces a powerful File Date Changer for Windows 8 which can help to change date and time of files, folders, JPG images, pictures, camera photos and a step-by-step guide on how to change file, folder, image date and time on Windows 8.

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Jul 242013

Updated in Oct 30, 2018


When trying to import MP4 or MOV files to Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X (10.4, 10.3 included), you will be noticed “File error” and you just fail to add and import MP4/MOV to Final Cut though the MP4 or MOV files can play in QuickTime in macOS Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, etc..

The fact is that you are trying to import files with codec that FCP does not support. Your MP4 or MOV files may use a codec which is not an editting codec supported by Final Cut. MP4 or MOV is a container which can contain video and audio components encoded with different types (codecs). Earily versions of Final Cut Pro like Final Cut Pro 6, Final Cut Pro 5, Final Cut Pro HD are unable to import MP4 or MOV encoded with any codec. Though the latest Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X can import MP4 or MOV encoded in H.264, they still cannot import MP4 or MOV encoded with other video codec.

In order to add the MP4 or MOV files that won’t import to Final Cut (Final Cut Pro 10.4, 10.3 included), you can convert MP4 or MOV to the editting format Apple Intermediate codec, Apple ProRes or DV. We also recommend you convert your H.264 MP4 or MOV files to editting format Apple Intermediate codec, Apple ProRes or DV before you import to MP4 to avoid long long time rendering process (Compressed format files will need to be rendered to editting format before you can edit the files in Final Cut and usually it will take quite a long time while converting MP4 or MOV to ProRes or DV or AIC before importing will save lots of time.)

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Jul 192013

CyberLink PowerDVD is promoted as a media player for Blu-ray, 3D Video & HD Movie playback. However, not all PowerDVD editions can play Blu-Ray or 3D Blu-Ray. To play Blu-Ray, your PowerDVD version shall be in higher editions. Among the three editions of the latest version PowerDVD 13, only PowerDVD 13 Pro can play Blu-Ray and PowerDVD 13 Ultra can play Blu-Ray 3D. PowerDVD 13 Deluxe only support DVD playback.

Not all people can play Blu-Ray with PowerDVD. To play Blu-Ray in PowerDVD 11, PowerDVD 12 or PowerDVD 13, PowerDVD 14, PowerDVD 15, PowerDVD 16, PowerDVD 17, user’s computer must be HDCP compliant, with an appropriate videocard, cable and monitor. There are lots of restictions for Blu-Ray disc and regisons. PowerDVD is so slow usually takes long time to load movies, and it hangs up occasionally when playing 3D videos and 3D Blu-Ray movies. Some people find PowerDVD difficult to use due to the complicated user interface. If you have an OEM version or PowerDVD in your PC, Most likely PowerDVD won’t play Blu-Rays and you are required to upgrade to latest version around $80. Another issue Blu-Ray movie lovers found is that PowerDVD do not update often to support the latest Blu-Ray discs movies, so PowerDVD will refuse to play the new Blu-Ray movies. It’s really iritating if you paid over $100 for a program but it even does not work.

So, no matter whether you already have PowerDVD installed on your PC, you will need a PowerDVD alterntaive or PowerDVD replacement or PowerDVD similar to take care of your Blu-Ray movies, HD movies playback. This article introduces a best Cyberlink PowerDVD alternative/similar/replacement and a step-by-step guide on how to play Blu-Ray, 3D Blu-Ray, HD movies with the best PowerDVD alternative on Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP.

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Jul 162013

Converting WMA, especially WMA Lossless on Mac is usually a tough task. Almost all audio converter and player on Mac OS X can’t handle WMA and WMA lossless. ALL2MP3 refuses to import WMA, WMA Lossless, WMA 9; Max and XLD won’t take WMA and WMA Lossless. Though EasyWMA can convert WMA, it cannot convert WMA lossess, and you are unable to convert WMA to WAV with EasyWMA.

After intense study, TechiSky found there are several program cans work with WMA and WMA lossless including Switch Sound Converter for Mac, Flip4Mac Pro and AnyMP4 Audio Converter for Mac. Especially AnyMP4 WMA Converter can convert all kinds of WMA such as WMA, WMA lossless, WMA9 to MP3, 320kbps MP3, WAV, 24bit WAV, AAC, M4A, AIFF, OGG as well as convert audio to WMA and WMA lossless on Mac, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and OS X 10.9 Mavericks included.

This article explains step-by-step on how to convert WMA/WMA lossless to MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, AIFF, OGG, Apple Lossless ALAC etc on Mac. So you can import WMA, WMA lossless to iTunes to play WMA with iTunes on Mac, transfer to iPod, iPhone to play on the go and import iMovie or Final Cut, Garageband, Audacity, etc.

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Jul 152013

GIF, the short form for Graphics Interchange Format, is the most widely used format for storing multibit graphics and image data. GIF images can be found all over the Internet used on the Web for buttons, headings, and logos, backgrounds, dividers, banner ads, and eye-catching images etc.

You’ve probably seen lots of popular YouTube videos are maken into GIFs and are thinking of making some GIFs from Youtube. You may advised to download YouTube video first and then use Photoshop to make GIF. How about if you can’t download video from YouTube and you know little about Phoshop? No worry, this article introduces an quite easy way to make high quality GIF from YouTube videos on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000 without downloading YouTube videos and without installing Adobe Photoshop.

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Easy Solve PowerDVD Won’t Play Blu-Ray Problem?

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Jul 122013

Updated on Oct 19, 2018


Cyberlink PowerDVD is a famous Media Players for Blu-Ray, DVD, 3D Video & HD Movie Playback across PC, Tablet, Smartphone & TV. PowerDVD was the first Blu-ray 3D software player to achieve certification from the Blu-ray Disc Association under the new Blu-ray 3D standard (Profile 5.0). However, many uses won’t play Blu Ray movies in PowerDVD 2018, PowerDVD 17 2017, PowerDVD 16, PowerDVD 15 or earlier PowerDVD versions.

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Jul 092013

Can Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S4/S5/S3/S2/S/Tab/Note Play WAV Files?

According to the office specs of Samsung Galaxy S phones and tabs, Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S6 Edge, S5, S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab do support the audio format WAV. It’s quite strange many people are having troubles of playing WAV on their Samsung Galaxy S phones or tabs. WAV files attached in the email voicemail on Galaxy cannot be played. Google Voice won’t play the attached WAV files. Even the attched WAV files saved to Galaxy device, they just can’t open and play. And the WAV files which are playbale on computer just fail to play when transfer to Galaxy devices. Though several players apps are installed, the WAV files still can’t play on Samsung Galaxy S.

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Jul 082013

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Jul 052013

Sometimes we need to import audio clips to Adobe Proemiere Pro to enhance our working flow. What audio formats can Adobe Premiere Pro import?

According to Adobe offical site, Adobe Premiere Pro can import lots of compressed and uncompressed audio formats including MP3, WAV, AAC, AC3 (including 5.1 surround), AIFF, ASND (Adobe Sound Document), BWF (Broadcast WAVE format), M4A (MPEG-4 Audio) and WMA (Windows only). Adobe Premiere Pro will not import audio in other audio formats such as FLAC, CAF, OGG, Apple Lossless ALAC, APE, VOX, 3G2, AUD, MP2, etc.

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