May 092013

Core Audio Format with .caf extension, is a container for storing audio, developed by Apple Inc. to overcome limitations of older digital audio formats, including AIFF and WAV. A CAF file is not limited to 4GB file size like older digital audio formats. Soundtrack Pro and Logic Studio use the .caf format extensively for their loop and sound effects library, particularly for surround-sound audio compressed with the Apple Lossless codec.

AIFF is the standard audio file format used by Apple for storing high-quality (CD-quality ) audio data for personal computers and other electronic audio devices. AIFF files are more commonly seen as .AIF on Windows systems.

Because of the format compatiblity of CAF and AIFF with the Apple devices and the Apps on OS X computer, sometimes we will need to convert CAF to AIFF. This article includes a detailed instruction to convert CAF to AIFF, convert 24bit CAF to 24bit AIFF, convert CAF 5.1 (6 channels) to AIFF 6 channels.

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