Jun 182013

How to Play Blu-Ray Disc Movies in OS X Mavericks?

Does OS X Mavericks Support Blu-Ray Playback?

OS X Mavericks, the newest Mac OS X system, brings more than 200 new features including improved multiple display support, mission Control, Finder, iBooks, Calendar, Maps, and a number of other time-saving enhancements.

In video playback, OS X Mavericks improves the energy efficiency of iTunes HD video playback. The video playback engine takes greater advantage of the efficient graphics hardware in your Mac and reduces the frequency of disk access. It’s a pity that OS X Mavericks still does not bring Blu-Ray playback. So users still cannot play Blu-Ray with iTunes or QuickTime on Mac OS X 10.9. However, if you have an external Blu-Ray drive, you can play Blu-Ray movies on OS X Mavericks with the help of Blu Ray Player for Mavericks.

iTunes HD Playback Mavericks

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