Nov 122012

The Issue

WTV format is a container format that Microsoft uses for storing TV content recorded by Windows Media Center starting from Windows Vista. WTV is the successor to the earlier DVR-MS file format that was used in Windows XP Media Center Edition.

On Windows 7, one can right-click WTV files to convert .WTV files to .DVR-MS for easily playback or for later convert the .DVR-MS files to MP4, WMV, AVI, MKV, etc. for various usage.

However, on Windows 8, “Convert WTV to DVR-MS” option doesn’t exist on the right-click menu. If you trying to run the option from the command line such as c:\Windows\embrn>cd /d c:\windows\embrn
wtvconverter “c:\WTVS\discovery.wtv” “G:\Ready for WDTV\” /showUI

It just returns the error: “WTV Converter cannot convert the file from .wtv to .dvr-ms format because the content is not compatible with the .dvr-ms file format.”

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