Jun 202014

XV, with the extension of .xv, is short form for X Video Extension. XV is a video output mechanism for the X Window System mainly used to resize video content in the video controller hardware in order to enlarge a given video or to watch it in full screen mode. The X video extension can have the video controller perform color space conversions, and change the contrast, brightness, and hue of a displayed video stream.

Xunlei (迅雷), a famous downloader manager and video player in China uses XV format container to store movie files for fast play video online as well as fast download to local to play offline. Movie files or TV Series downloaded are usually named like 舌尖上的中国2.脚步.xv. Such files are authorized videos from thunder (www.xunlei.com) and normally you can not copy to another computer, can not convert or play by another common video players. If the system language you use is non Chinese, you will fail to play it even by Xunlei player.

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