Apr 062014


Although FLAC is on the list of native support media format of Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S5, there are times when you can’t play FLAC on Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5. You can’t even add or transfer FLAC files to your playlists; FLAC files are played without metadata; or only half of the FLAC can be played.

To solve Galaxy S4 won’t play FLAC files, Galaxy S5 won’t play FLAC files issue, Galaxy S6 won’t play FLAC files and Galaxy S7 won’t play FLAC, you can try other music players from Google play or use the stand way to convert FLAC to Galaxy S4/S5/S6/S6/S7 Edge supported MP3 format.

This article introduce a workable FLAC player for Samsung Galaxy S4 and FLAC player for Samsung Galaxy S5 and how to convert FLAC to MP3/320kbps MP3 to fast transfer and sync to Samsung Galaxy S4 or Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 for easy play. The article also applies to Samsung Galaxy S3, S2, Tab, Note, etc.

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