Aug 102012

Easy Convert QCP to Popular Audio Formats


QCP file format was initially created by the Voice Memo feature on a Palm, later adopted by LG and Motorola for mobie phone voice recording storing. Some phones from Samsung like Samsung Intensity II also use QCP as the voice record format.

QCP files are typically encoded with QCELP or EVRC. Some QCP files may be encoded with tia is-127 enhanced variable rate codec. QCP file is not compatible with most media player and not supported by Windows and Mac. It will end in fail if you try to play the recorded QCP file with Windows Media Player, iTunes, QuickTime on Windows or Mac computer. Even the popular free and powerful media player VLC cannot play most of QCP files.

Free way to Convert QCP?

I tried the suggested free way by some forums using Windows Movie Maker, QuickTime, MPEG Stream even the online QCP Converter but only found QCP files cannot even be loaded, let alone convert the QCP files.

I then tried some paid software including the CNET download listed QCP Converter, Amadeus Pro and Aiseesoft Audio Converter. Aiseesoft Audio Converter wins my favor for its support for all kinds of QCP files, professional functions and last but not least the price advantage.

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