Jan 292013

Introduces the most similar programs to Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel 2013/2010/2007/2003

One of TechiSky readers wrote in to ask if there is any similar program to Microsoft Word other than OpenOffice. The Microsoft Office Similar shall be able to both save ducument to .doc and open .doc files. While, there is a Microsoft office similar out there: Smaller and faster than most other office suites, efficient and highly compatible with Microsoft Office that helos to accomplish your office tasks with high quality. That is Kingsoft Office Suite. The program includes Writer (functions as Word), Presentation (functions as PowerPoint) and Spreadsheet (functions as Excel). If you are also looking for Office Suite Similar, Micrsoft Word similar, Micrsoft Excel similar, Micrsoft PowerPoint similar, you are just at the right corner. Keeping on reading and enjoy!

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