Jun 112014

TuneUp is a famous iTunes library clearer and optimizer. If you use iTunes to manage your music library, you will probably face the problems of duplicate songs which not only takes lots of disk space but also prevents you from backing up music with iTunes match. As a music lover, you are unwilling to see any songs with inaccurate song information (like “Track 01”), and albums missing album cover art. Then TuneUp is the one-stop-shop to automatically fix your disorganized music collection.

However, there are various issues with TuneUp media that you want to find a good TuneUp alternative to replace Tuneup to fix your music library. For example, many users just find that TuneUp media is a total freeze of the computer operating system. Once TuneUp is running, you can’t do anything despite TuneUp is forced to end from the task manager. Some users found that installing TuneUp Media has stopped iTunes from downloading stuff. Some other users found that Tuneup stop syncing anymore with iTunes. Especially, many user have had serious issues after updating to TuneUp 3.0.

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