Feb 262014

Though Adobe Acrobat is excellent in creating, editing, converting PDFs, there are many reasons for people searching for good alternatives to replace Adobe Acrobat:

  • Adobe Acrobat is ridiculous expensive: Adobe Acrobat Pro is $449 for full version and Adobe Acrobat Standard is $299. If you need to install Adobe Acrobat on many computers, the site license will be a large expenditure with which you can do more prospective things.
  • Adobe Acrobat is quite slow and pour in performance: Lots of people are experiencing slow performance of Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat sometimes takes ages to open, save and print files and can freeze computer as using too much memory. More annoying things is the crash of Adobe Acrobat.
  • Adobe Acrobat has tons of functions however lots of people just using a few functions of it like reading PDF files, combining several PDF files into one, add headers/footers, and minor editing, or just converting PDF files. So it is just not worth the full expensive price.

Hence, you just need a smart Adobe Acrobat replacement for Mac/Windows. This article introduces the best alternative to Acrobat for Windows/Mac that costs much less but is as powerful as Adobe Acrobat. It is your ideal choice for dealing with PDF files on your Mac or PC.

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